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A Quick Guide To Qualifying Your Client For A Mortgage Before You File

One of the most heartbreaking moments for a homeowner is when they find out they cannot qualify for that perfect home. Often times the difference between qualifying and not qualifying comes down to a few thousand dollars in net income.

Simply asking your clients whether or not they plan on purchasing a home in this current tax year could give you the opportunity to discuss an alternative tax plan that considers their “qualifying” income as opposed to paying the least amount in taxes.

By partnering with a mortgage broker, you will have an expert that can quickly review a set of draft tax returns and calculate how large of a mortgage that client can qualify for.

After that review you can discuss different tax strategies to help that customer obtain the financing necessary to purchase their home.

Contact me today and we can discuss the different strategies you can offer your clients before they make their move with real estate investing.

Zack Nawabi

Mortgage Advisor NMLS #1025065
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